Happy Valentine’s Day!

We hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!  We spent it inside mostly, then we took a walk with our friends E & little PD on the boardwalk.  We called it “resistance training”, I think G-d calls it tornado winds 😉  Either way, A wasn’t happy sitting in the stroller facing me, so with a little coordination, I switched the stroller to front facing & she enjoyed the ride!

Daddy came home early to give A a bath & put her to bed.  She loves when he surprises her and does that!

Here’s a little sweetness to end your V-day 🙂


SuperGLEE party…

We had a little GLEE/Superbowl party over here.  Took just a few nights of shoving things in closets to make this place presentable!  Oh – and hanging some quick Ikea curtains so we weren’t in our normal fishbowl!

We started off the day with a little hiccup – Auntie H and Cousin S had a little accident on the way, so they never made it … Sad face.  But we sent the husband to check on them & A and I met up with our friends E and baby PD & went walking on the boardwalk to see all the insane people jump into the ocean in 40 degree weather!  We thought it was just beautiful out!  However we were dressed in winter coats & the girls were all bundled up in their strollers…not half naked in bikini’s and such running into the ocean that has been snowed in for 2 months straight!  (not that you’d ever catch me running anywhere in a bikini…pretty sure not even in the privacy of my own home!)

ok so weird - i totally just got this off the Long Beach website and this was the first photo i clicked on, and its totally my friend N who just spent the whole day here and we love her! there were thousands of people and she's in the photo I randomly picked...weird! She's on the right 🙂

After a nice walk outside, we came home & finished up our cooking & started the party!  I didn’t take too many photos but here were some of our guests!

Little C

Little G

E & Little PD - who was being very camera shy! (sorry E for the bad photo...we are working with what we had!)

Cupcake Pro & Apprentice!

Aunt D and I made those neon cupcakes…and little K helped decorate!  The husband thought they were delicious!  He ate 8.

This was a great superbowl party!  So many babies and friends and family…and I was kept busy enough that I didn’t have to watch a single second of football!  But I did get to watch Glee with my family once the football was over.  It was great!

Thanks everyone for coming.  Maybe Auntie H will make it next year!

Free at LAST!!!

A fed herself her bottle twice today!

She still likes us to hold it for her in the morning & before bed, which is FINE by us.  We still want to be needed, and its even better to be wanted!, but when she’s feeding herself all the other foods at lunchtime….she can hold her bottle!  I knew she could do it, and when left alone to sink or swim…she DID GREAT!

ok – thats enough excitement for tonight – goodnight!

A makes little boys cry…

A’s going to be a handful.  A already is a handful!   This is really only my problem for the most part, until she enters someone else’s house, looking all sweet, and then….

Yea – A makes the boys cry.  I have to say, she really didn’t do anything this time, but something about her made these cuties “worry”!

Aren’t they adorable!

G on the left, J on the right

G has magnificent eyes.  One day A will be very jealous of those!  Hopefully one day J won’t be so scared of A & she can move her one girl show into the family room with these guys!  She decided on her own that she didn’t want to be the cause of J’s sadness so she went to empty my bag in the foyer!

Sorry Mom! I'll just play in your stuff for now!

Maybe we’ll try again another time and no one will have to worry – she’s really a nice girl.  She won’t let you mistake that for a push over, just ask cousin S, but she’s so sweet!  All she wants to do is give kisses!

Column renovation…

Oh 70’s mirrors….how you epitomize the common thought that everything looks better with black!

When we inherited these beautiful smokey mirrors, they were surrounded by navy blue shiny columns.  See below:

Our walls are painted grey, “edgecomb grey” from Benjamin Moore.  With these Navy columns, the grey was looking more blue than I’d like.  My mom hates my grey walls with my sofa, but the sofa is going to Auntie H hopefully very soon.  It will be replaced by a Charcoal grey sectional TBD.  You can see how smokey the mirrors are since the color reflected in them is the same all around the room and it looks much browner in the mirrors than on the real wall to the right.

I decided that I hated the Navy.  I plan to use some blue in the accents, but the columns had to be black.  I am still unsure of flat vs shiny, but right now they are flat and I love them…

Side by Side...

All black....shiny part is still drying

Here's what A was doing while Mom was painting!

She will chew on ANYTHING!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 2.10.11

Its been a week full of car rides for Mommy & A.  We spent Monday celebrating Gramma’s bday in NJ, Tuesday & Wednesday celebrating none other than the fabulous Cousin S in Brooklyn, and today we are getting recharged in our PJs at home!  I found a little tutu from a while ago and thought while we are home, I might as well torture my pretty girl and make her have an impromptu photo shoot…photos to come in another post.  Today’s embrace the camera edition is post-shoot & you can clearly see that I have not done ANT getting dressed today 😉  Oh well – We’re loving it.

A was not so sure how the camera was flashing all by itself…hence that look of “what the hell?!?!”

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!

Happy Birthday Gramma!

Happy Happy Birthday to the most amazing Mommy ever!  Also, the best Gramma to my little A and all her girls!  We love you so much and can’t ever thank you enough for all you do for us!  We had a great day with you today!

Hoping that all your wishes come true!!!!!! (except that one where a boy invades on our girl crew!)

Snow bunny…

First, Happy Birthday Grandpa & Cousin A Mash!

There are some babies who never see snow.  Granted, they live in way warmer places than we do, but up here there have definitely been years with just some flurries here or there.  This year – we’ve had more snow than I could ever need.  Snow…Ice…Sleet…gross.  When it falls its beautiful….the next day….its dirty.  I hate dirty snow!

I knew I wanted A to get to play in the pretty snow!  It took us about 30 minutes to get dressed for this playing in the snow thing…A had layers and layers, booties & mittens, a hat and a snowsuit.  Mommy had layers of ski clothes, a hat and no gloves.  How can I use a camera with big snow gloves!

Reminder, all I had was my zoom lens….which meant I had to put A down in the middle of the lawn and then jump through the snow to get away from her far enough to get some good shots!

This is how it ended!

How long did this take to go from sitting pretty in the snow to face planting???

28 seconds….I had a video but its not working so I’ll post that later!


4 is my lucky number!

And we couldn’t have asked for a better present than we got on Feb 4th 2009!


Happy Happy Birthday Cousin S!  You light up our lives with more than just that fabulous hair!

You’re a funny, sweet, smart, silly and so freaking cute.  We hope that all of your dreams come true (except the one about Cookie Monster biting your feet!)

Thank you for giving us so much joy the last 2 years and we look forward to many many more years of memories!