Happy 1 Month Baby CJ!!!!

We want to wish Baby CJ a happy 1 month birthday!  She is an incredible little girl & is making her Mommy & Daddy proud every day.  We love her so much & can’t wait to see her again!

I went down to help Auntie S2 a few weeks ago & got to meet my precious tiny niece!  She told me about how much she loves me, and how she can’t wait to meet Baby A!  While we were there we got to see her Mommy change her & watch Baby CJ pee all over her!  It was a really great moment of Mommy initiation!  I don’t know why us Moms think it’s funny when tiny little people pee all over us, we would not think it was so funny if big people did it…but we do…I think it is because their tushies are so damn cute!

There's not much better in this world than baby feet!


Happy 1 Month Miss Baby CJ!  You are one very loved baby girl!!!

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