Sunny Days…..Sweepin’ the Clouds Away…..

No lie – Saturday was certainly a sunny day.  Some might even say hot as HELL.  Like really hot.  But we had an awesome time!!!

We went up Friday night so that we could be up there and ready to go bright and early.  We met my mom up there and were staying in a Hyatt Suite hotel that had 2 bedrooms & a common living area.  We decided to put A in the living room so that she could have her own little space.  This part worked like a charm!  She slept until about 730am!  Other vacations, she hasn’t slept past 6.  As for our plan to get there nice and early…FAIL.  The park doesn’t open until 10am.  Silly us.

Here are some photos of the fun we had while at Sesame Place!

First – we had breakfast at the hotel…

A insists on feeding herself now.

We got to the park around 915am just to be sure we got tickets without a line, parked with no problems….and here’s A playing outside the park while waiting!

A is thanking Gramma for taking her to Sesame Place with a BIG KISS!!! These are rare and we love when they happen!

First stop...Carousel!

Since the park opens at 10am, and A’s naptime is 10am, this ride wasn’t as big of a success as it usually is.  Miss Cranky pants wanted to hold on to Mommy….but we got a smile or 2 out of her!

We tried to get her to nap in the stroller, but she wasn’t ready.  We found some things to keep her smiling!

This block pit was a big hit!

Posing a little...

We need one of these in our house!

"I lift things up & put them down"

We went on a few other rides in the “dry side” of the park.  Then we got her to fall asleep as we walked around.  We did a little window shopping in the air conditioned stores & then headed to find a shaded area to hang while she slept.  We got a good hour nap from her & then it was lunchtime!

MMMM French fries!

A found the 1 Minnie towel in the whole Sesame park! Obviously!

We got A dressed in her bathing suit & headed for the water stuff!

A wasn't too sure how she felt about the sprinklers hitting her in the face!

Taking a walk in the wave pool with Daddy

Next on the agenda was the parade!  We went over to Main Street and found ourselves a nice comfy spot in the shade!

A waiting for the parade to start!

The parade was awesome!  The characters were so close to us, and they stopped and danced in front of us & A thought it was pretty cool!

A view from up high!

A's favorite part of the parade! Elmo! She loves this guy!

After that we went back to the pool to hang out a little while we waited for the Elmo Rocks show to start!  It was a good thing we cooled off before the show, because that show was a lot of excitement for Miss A.  She got a huge surprise when…

Yup...that's her Daddy in the show!!!!! What a good sport! (He's on the right!)

Gramma has video which we’ll have to get up here somehow!

Hip Hop Cookie got a good smile too!

Here's our family on the steps!

It was a very long, very hot, and very fun day!  I loved Sesame Street as a kid & I hope A loves it just as much!


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