Grocery List…

I used to go to the grocery store every day.  I never put meat in the freezer that needed to be defrosted to cook.  I bought fresh produce nightly.

My how times have changed!

If I had to go to the grocery store everyday, I would be arrested.  My charges would include theft, since A INSISTS on eating an apple from the grocery store every time we go in.  It is the only thing that will keep her quiet for 15 minutes while I run around and grab my items.

Another change is HOW I shop.  I used to roam the isles remembering if I needed/wanted something as I went.  Now…I need a list.  A specific, categorized by area, exact amounts, concise list.  So before we head out I try to go through my pantry & refrigerator & see what we need…put it on a list…and I usually take a photo with my phone of this list because if I dare carry a paper around the store…some tiny little hands are surely going to want to rip that paper into 100 pieces!

A is learning….she also wants to make a list!

She makes a great list…items include corn, broccoli, apple, grapes, and cookies!


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