Some Happy Birthday Notes…

(*** I don’t know why this didn’t post this morning!!!***)

We want to wish a very happy birthday to 2 awesome people!  Our friend E & Uncle B!

Uncle B,

We love you a lot & wish you the happiest birthday ever!  Thanks for taking care of Auntie S2 & making sure she’s happy!  We can’t wait to see you soon!


Baby A

Auntie S2 & Uncle B @ the LK's wedding

Dear E,

We wish you the happiest birthday ever!  You’re the best!  You let me play with all of PD’s things, you carry me around when I get jealous that you’re holding PD, you feed me very yummy food, you let me play with that singing bunny my mom thinks is creepy…and so much more!  Thanks for always having patience with me even when my mommy doesn’t!  I think I should thank you for walking with mommy and me on the boardwalk, but the part of me that hates that stroller and hates being strapped in wants you to never walk with her again!  I wish I could make you a pretty cake like you made me for my birthday…maybe I’ll try!

I hope you have a great year & I can’t wait to spend the summer playing with you and PD!


Baby A

E & PD on the beach!

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